I wanted to post this yesterday right when the Lord gave it to me, but had to finish getting ready and go to work.  So, I waited very impatiently to blog about it.  This was too good not to share…

Psalm 16:9

“Therefore my heart is glad

and my glory rejoices;

My flesh also will dwell securely.”

What are your circumstances?  Where does God have you right now?  Is He stretching you?  Are you constantly growing in your faith?  No, really, are you taking steps so big in your life that you are quaking on the edge of the cliff knowing that the only act of obedience is to hurl yourself into the freefall?  The kind of actions that will require God to step in?  The kind of life that is humanly unexplainable?

Here’s what that “nearly pee your pants risk it all” life requires…

  • face the truth (of your situation, be realistic, and do not ignore what is going on, AKA-put on your big girl pants on and deal with it!)
  • recognize God is in control (repent of your unbelief, yeah, that’s what it is–you don’t believe that God is in control of you and your circumstances.  How long are you going to live in that lie?)
  • don’t faint! (the success of God’s purpose in your situation depends entirely on you and your willingness to cooperate with Him…if you faint, it’s because you’re relying on yourself…God’s energy, power, etc. is infinite.)
  • Rejoice! (not be happy, but choose to be joyful.  find the joy and celebrate it!)
  • Rejoice again! (umm, yeah, do it again!)

God is the author and finisher of life!  He is in the middle of everything you face.