Just a hodge podge of thought on recent life…

  • Believer’s lives should be reminiscent of that obnoxious, loud, yet successful street-side promotional announcer: a constant, boisterous declaration of their God in all His sufficiency & glory!  What a humbling thought when the Lord allowed me to visualize myself with a megaphone, and truly how few sound waves were pumping through.  I wasn’t screaming at the top of my lungs with veins protruding from my pale skin; rather, I was somewhat casually holding the device, speaking softly into the mouthpiece.  No, that will not do.
  • We humans are all made addicts.  The problem is, our addiction is entirely misdirected from its original appointment: God.  Instead, we fill that addiction with quite literally anything and everything on earth.  It’s time to allow God in all His power and supremacy over any desire to redirect our addiction to our first Love.
  • Appreciation is one of the greatest attributes in life.  Too much gratefulness is never a bad thing.  Manners are necessary to succeed in life and relationships.  I struggle with this everyday as I get busy going through the motions of life and simply forget.  I even forgot when I ordered drinks at the movie theater tonight.  I was so thankful that Mason reminded me, and I corrected myself!  I desire to consistently demonstrate appreciation and gratitude.
  • Jesus is Lord…of everything.  Even death.  I finally had an image to associate with Jesus’ dominion over the dead…all he has to do is “say so” and death must release that “being” from its grip.  Why?  Because even death is in submission to God.  What an incredible picture.  Just never thought about it that way!
  • It is always worth the risk, effort, cost, pain, etc., etc., etc. of following Christ.
  • Temptation is always your opportunity to accept God’s truth and discipline in your life.  Quit choosing the extremes to get away from temptation!  You are missing out!  God has so much more for you to learn and grow through if you would just stinkin’ trust Him!  Is His power, grace, truth, the very power that gave you life in Christ, unable to carry you through that temptation?  If you say “yes, it’s unable.” you are reading a different Bible than I am!  YOU are limiting God’s power.  Your faith, your trust in the Father is all too small.  You will never live the surrendered life, full of joy and blessing if you run from temptation to relief.