I have been following Jeremy Camp since I was in high school, before he was anything big in the Christian music arena.  I loved his testimony and how authentic his lyrics were.  I was pleased to come across Adie Camp’s (Jeremy Camp‘s wife, formerly with The Benjamin Gate) recent release, and to listen to a few songs.  This one stood out to me in particular as every moment, every day of our lives is from the Lord.  As I tweeted earlier to a friend, “@katysaid God ALWAYS works for our good & HIS glory! Even when the process is excruciating…the end is growth!”  Recently, I have had some excruciating moments, days, weeks, and yet I am confident of the steps God has directed, and that His plan will bring me good and Him glory!  It’s so easy to wish it away, to wallow until the day passes.  The temptation is to choose depression, anxiety, self-pity, anger, apathy, etc.  Yet, that is NOT God’s purpose for us!  So, don’t wait!

“Don’t Wait” by Adie Camp (<===Click to go to Adie Camp’s Myspace page and hear this song!)

Lazy day
Just room enough for me to think and pray about each new day
Draw me from my drowning apathetic state

Stormy day
Just watch the rain melt all my doubt away
Fire away the heated arrows to my lukewarm state

Don’t wait
Don’t wish away
Today is going to be the day He made
Don’t waste
One day is all that we’ve got to give and take

Bend and break my mind and heart to feel the urgent need
To take all I see and pour my life into eternity

And take it all today and give everything
And take it all today

Lazy day
You’re in everything that comes my way

What are your days like?

What steps do you take to recognize His hand, give yourself back, and live for Him?