Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding.”

My faith has been tested greatly in the last few months.  God has laid plans before Mason and I to move overseas to Korea; He told us to step out in faith, trusting Him to provide and work out all details.  I have never been at this point where I really felt that I could not succeed based on my own volition.  God literally has to intervene in order for us to survive.

I was struggling this afternoon thinking about other people and details in the midst of our circumstances.  My faith was waning in that moment.  I recognized it, but was struggling to address and overcome it.  Just a few minutes later, as I was on my way to church this evening, I received a text from a dear friend (in response to an earlier text from me). Here’s what she said, “I love how God works!  Am praying for you through this. Stay strong and lean not on your own understanding!  Amazing.  I love you!!!”  My thoughts halted.  “…lean not on your own understanding!”  I was processing everything through “Marla’s” goggles–NOT God’s.  He has the only realistic view, the only corrective lenses based on truth!  I was sitting in traffic at a backed up intersection and instantly opened my Bible to read the first handful of verses in Proverbs 3.  What an encouragement.  What a vision adjustment!  Stop interpreting your circumstances, your view of reality through your distorted stigmatism!  You need surgery!  Without it, you will never make the right choices.  You will never succeed in what God has called you to.  You will never embrace your righteous identity!  You are losing horribly…and you don’t even know it.

Where do you need to “lean not on your own understanding”?

Is God challenging your faith?  How?