Mason and I have put ourselves on a very tight budget and strict spending guidelines in order to be better stewards of the provision God has given us, and to prepare for our big move in just 3 months.  I am working very hard to be purposeful in everything I do in order to eliminate waste, and truly make the most of not just what we have, but the time we have.

Last weekend we were unloading groceries from the car and it was exceptionally humid.  After I loaded my arms with bags, I grabbed the gallon jug of milk (now enveloped in a slippery layer of condensation).  As I hit the lock button on the car door, the gallon jug of milk fell out of my hand, crashing to the pavement.  I stood there in awe of my fumble, feeling the cold wet milk splash onto my left foot.  Grrr!  I was instantly irritated with myself and our situation. I thought, “really, God, you’re gonna let me spill the milk too?!?”  (haha, how silly we are in our menial circumstances)

I stared at the gushing milk for a split second, and then realized that it was cracked right under the handle of the jug.  Quickly, I scooped up the jug and held it at a precarious angle so as not to loose any more milk!  Mason came around the side of the car, and jolted my thoughts with the idiom, “No use crying over spilled milk.”  He continued by saying, “Look, babe, we know that God has told us to step out in faith and that He will provide for us.  You have to trust Him, because it may get much worse than this.”  Honestly, I am a little afraid that it will get worse, and that is part of why I was so frustrated.  I thought that in some ways I could prevent or help our situation if I just worked at it hard enough.

God wants to use us.  God wants to use our lives, our situations, etc.  Why?  Not as ministry work horses or martyrs, but For HIS glory! God is going to use even the smallest accidents to flaunt Himself, His power, & His might.

Here’s the cool part…I work at an elementary school and everyday there is leftover milk, juice, etc. that is going to be thrown out.  Just this week, we had approximately 15 white milk cartons that would have been trashed unless someone took them home–no one else really wanted them.  I honestly didn’t make the connection until I got them all in our refrigerator and Mason laughed.  I asked him what was so funny and he replied, “That more than makes up for what you spilled.”  My response: “Haha!  You are so right, babe.  God is good, isn’t He?  Even in the little things.”

No use crying over spilled milk; God works in and through every little piece of your life!

John 14:1

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Trust in God;

trust also in me.