Ever feel like you are always striving for that goal, yet, never quite grasping it?  I have recently been very discouraged in my strive for excellence in life, emotional management, balancing time, maintaining positive attitude, winning my spiritual battles triumphantly (not weakly), etc.  I was incredibly bolstered in my drive when I read this Friday morning:

“…we choose to love simply because we are loved by God. We are not threatened because God is in control.  We are not defensive, because we have nothing to defend.  We are not arrogant, for we are teachable.  We are not bitter, because we forgive.  We are not blown around by the whims of those surrounding us, because we have determined to hold on to what is true no matter what appears to be true.  We are not easily offended, because we extend grace.  We choose to see beauty in absolutely everyone.”

-Sheila Walsh, God Has A Dream For Your Life

I felt rejuvenation flood my spirit as I allowed my vision to focus on my goal for the day.

What helps you to renew your vision for reaching goals in life?