“Italian?” (Romano’s Macaroni Grill)


“Asian?” (P.F. Chang’s)


“Molten Chocolate Cake?” (Chili’s)


“Cheesecake?” (Cheesecake Factory)


Amidst moving, the planning of our celebratory “2nd wedding anniversary” dinner was left to the “transfer fairies”.

Bad choice.

They will leave you with a frozen dinner every time!

Since Mason and I were not so much feeling the frozen dinner, I suggested somewhere “different”…that we couldn’t get once we left the Keller area…”somewhere like Chef Point Café! You (Mason) haven’t been there and we definitely need to go try their bread pudding.”



Next step, deciding what on earth to actually eat off their amazing menu…

Appetizer: Cheese Fries

According to the Chef Point Menu: “Fries smothered with our own Asiago sauce & American cheese, baked to perfection.” Umm, YEAH! This description does not do this UH-mahz-ing appetizer justice. Cheese fries like none other, swimming in a pool of hot asiago cream sauce; it was like cheesy alfredo-ish fries. Wow. Mason and I got the large, which was enough for several more people…go for the small unless you’re super hungry.

Entrée: Chicken & Waffles

Chicken + Waffles…I have been intrigued with this combination ever since I first heard of it a few years ago. I was so excited to try this entrée, especially since Chef Point has been hailed with the best fried chicken in Ft. Worth. I don’t know about that, but this…”famous special seasoned fried chicken on a homemade Belgium Waffle topped with fresh berries and hot syrup” was DELICIOUS! I was very happy to catch this entrée as a special on the Lunch/Dinner menu so that I wouldn’t have to come back for a special brunch to try it. I loved the tantalizing mix of savory seasoned fried chicken paired with rich berries, a fluffy waffle, and perfect maple syrup to finish it all off. *I have been drooling to eat this entrée again!

Dessert: Bread Pudding

I was very curious about this dessert—with all the wonderful things I heard about it, we had to try even though I’m not a big fan of bread or rice desserts! “Made fresh daily & smothered in a special hot cognac and butter sauce. Served hot, the aroma takes you back to Grandmas kitchen.” Can they just make a candle out of this so that I can smell it any day? That would be super. Perfect texture, and it melted in my mouth! Caution: it is very rich, and Mason had to finish it off…maybe if I had laid off the cheese fries…

We had all-star service that night, wonderful food, and overall I would give Chef Point Café a 5 star rating this visit!

Mason and I agreed it was a perfect celebration dinner. Happy 2 years, babe!