There are a million things I could post about right now…instead, I give you the furious five.

Like it? Hmm…I think I do. Likely this will be my new way of quickly updating whatever comes to my mind first…helps limit my verbosity.

I’ll just simply state that we are in Korea…(First post from Korea!)

my brain is still whirling at the reality typed above-the last 6 months God has turned me upside down and given me a good shake. I’m still trying to find my loose change… J

  • We are feeling very sticky…mostly from the humidity and lack of AC.

    getting used to this.

  • I blame my lack of pictures so far on jetlag…I keep forgetting to charge the camera.

    sorry family, I promise to do better in the days to come!

  • We have an apartment, and furniture in it, but we are not in said apartment yet. Soon.
  • LOVED being in our church the first Sunday—Mason and I were very excited to have a home again and to give our tithes back to the Lord!

    now if I could just find the checkbook. #fail

  • I have already eaten Korean food 2x, and a Brazilian meat buffet-wow!