There are definitely some weird things about living Korea…

Like the fun night-lights they have for you on ALL night, EVERY night.

Neon signs are EVERYWHERE in Korea!

Or the aroma that penetrates your nasal cavity every time you shower.

Korean drains are quite the challenge...

Note: the white thing is a drain cover to keep hair out of the drain.

Oh, and don’t forget the joy 3:30am typhoon rains coming in your window!

 (no picture here…it was 3 am!)

There are definitely some great things about living in Korea…

Some of the cheapest text messaging around!

Cheaper to text than to call!

Ooh, ooh, and the ingenuity of a drying rack that expands to hold 1.5 loads of laundry, but also collapses to store just about anywhere!

Open, it holds close to 2 full loads of laundry!

Closed, even the wheels fold in--SCORE!

 Last one-contraption to carry your watermelon home…with hand grips!

Travel with ease!

There will certainly be more to come…

What are some of the unique or interesting things where you live?