1. Starbucks has one of the best and thorough marketing campaigns worldwide. I know they catch a lot of flak for having their own language, culture, etc. However, when I can walk up to the Starbucks kiosk in Nagoya, Japan and clearly communicate with the native barista and get the CORRECT order, my loyalty remains to Starbucks!
  2. I love my husband—he takes time to minister and listen to me even when he would rather be playing his video games, etc. He has his flaws and hang-ups, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. So thankful that God placed us together!
  3. Supposedly Guam has the largest Kmart (it’s not that big…but then again, what Kmart is?). Can’t beat a 24 hour Kmart on the tiny island though—great for American goodies we can’t get here!
  4. When did Continental switch to charging for the 2nd bag on an Int’l flight?! Well, the signs in Guam said they did, but we had an awesome Continental Employee who not only didn’t charge us for a 2nd checked bag, but also didn’t even blink an eye when a bag was overweight. Gotta love a good morning at the airport!
  5. Guam had one of the best things in my life: the largest ROSS store I had ever been shopping in…where I found several great finds, the crowning jewel being the $128 Calvin Klein dress that I snagged for $4.99. Yeah, even the cashier was impressed!