There are so many days when I review my thoughts, my actions, my behavior, and I just want to quit. Quit talking, quit acting so terribly. I think sometimes that it would be better for the sake of Christ if I would just quit. Yet, God wants me here. He wants me talking, thanking, acting, engaging as His agent, for His glory!

How on earth am I supposed to do this?


“Because Jesus reigns now, we have hope. Even though my eyes are weak and greedy and judgmental and lustful, there stands Christ, with eyes filled with burning purity, holy passion, and selfless love. Even though I sometimes speak with a hurtful tongue or blurt out unkind comments, there is Christ, with his healing tongue in perfect control. And here is where it gets really good: Jesus is not simply watching me, asking me to imitate him; on the contrary, he has released, is releasing, and will release his Holy Spirit to help me see and talk just as he does. He will live through me.”

Gary Thomas, Holy Available (pg. 42-43)

…by continuing, by hoping, by trusting, by living out my faith each moment.

…by allowing my Lord, Jesus Christ, to truly be Lord of my life.

…by allowing God to redeem every aspect of me.

That’s how.