**Disclaimer: I can’t believe how delayed this particular post is. Sorry! **

This craft was created for the occasion of our friend Ferial‘s birthday party! Her husband John put so much love and effort into surprising her with not necessarily the party (time, place, date) but its theme & details. This said, for about a month we kept the secret of the “‘Stache Bash“: a mustache-themed surprise party thrown in Ferial‘s honor. Mustaches were EVERYWHERE (check out my friend Karen’s blog to see some of the décor) and we were certainly expected to either wear a fake mustache or grow one.

Yeah, the growing wasn’t so much an option.

The night before the party Anna & I came up with a great idea to make creative mustaches of our own; when we started creating we just couldn’t stop with one, so we each made several!


These were so easy: all it took was some wooden dowels (chopsticks would do) and a cut out of your favorite style of ‘stache on scrapbooking paper. Super fun and super easy, and we got to change our ‘stache every few minutes throughout the party!

Bill stinkin' photobombed us!