“What is true physically is also true spiritually.

Prayer provides a mirror for our attitudes.

Through it,

we begin to see out motives from a different perspective.”

-Holy Available, Gary Thomas

When you catch a glimpse of yourself,


Body language,

Your composure in the mirror,

it can be startling.

So much so that you change yourself,

Your expressions,

Your body language.

…It’s amazing the power of a mirror.

I’m currently living in the land of mirrors—Korea has mirrors EVERYWHERE. I never thought too much about it, having grown up here with everything around me, I accepted it as normal and wondered why there were so few in other places around the world. I mean, it is practical to have mirrors everywhere. Korea also has a culture where appearance, performance, and “saving face” are of utmost importance. Makes sense as to why they have mirrors in every nook and cranny, doesn’t it?

Prayer is to be a Christian’s mirror. Note: not a Christian’s only mirror—consider James 1—but a mirror nonetheless. Prayer is a venue for God to reveal the mess spread across our mouths from last night’s sin-feast, to lovingly address the shards of glass protruding from a recent battle wound, and to discipline us throughout all aspects of our lives. It’s not enough to give a cursory swipe to clean our faces and walk away; we must have heart surgery to actually change the source of the problem.

When is the last time you looked in the mirror physically?

When is the last time you looked in the mirror spiritually?

What do you need to change in your life before you appear in front of the mirror?