Yes, I realize it’s the end of January. This year it took me a bit to think clearly and articulate my goals. I think it may have had something to do with not sleeping well for roughly a month-plus! Yikes! Anyway, here are my health goals for 2017

1. I am eating clean, fueling my body and overall health with the food I eat. I am enjoying lifestyle meals or treats once per week.

I feel my best when I eat clean ALL the time. This doesn’t mean I can never have a treat, but it does mean that until I reach my goal/happy weight, I’m going to be sticking to the plan with some serious attention to detail.

2. I am exercising 5+ times per week, and will complete 3 challenging fitness programs in 2017.

I used to think that I had to kill myself doing hour-long workouts every day if I was going to maintain my ideal weight/shape/feeling of health. 3 years ago I proved that wrong-now I strive for a 30 min workout daily, having at least one true rest day (or active recover-warming up and stretching out muscles). I also find that for me, taking a bath with epsom salts and essential oils at least every few weeks makes a huge difference in how I feel. Maybe one of these days I will even get that to be a weekly routine!

3. I am a healthy 150-155 pounds, with defined arms, a strong core, and toned legs.

This is my, “not sure it will happen” weight. However, I thought the same thing 3 years ago when I was in this same place after our first daughter’s birth (she was roughly the same age, still nursing just a bit, and I was in a similar place of sliding backwards and clothes getting tighter and gaining weight). I proved it wrong in 2013, and I hope to prove my doubts wrong again!

4. I am sleeping 7-8 hours per night, going to sleep *before* midnight.

Wow. This is an area I haven’t made a priority in too long. I used to be deeply committed to my sleep routine, and even in college I never pulled a true all-nighter. I always got at least a few hours of sleep! Fast forward a few years and I had our second daughter–my whole world was rocked. People warned me, but I had no idea just how drunk I would feel on such little and interrupted sleep. Or, just how much I would struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety (I believe) as a result of the lack of sleep! It got so bad that we even purchased a sleep program from Dana Obleman called Sleep Sense. That has been a LIFE-changing, LIFE-giving investment that was well worth every penny. Anyway, I’ll be getting much more sleep this year, and for that we are ALL so grateful! 🙂

5. I am making special occasions more about “presence”- just being with the people I surrounded by than the food or desserts we eat.

Okay, this one I realized I needed when my eating just got a bit out of hand over the holidays, and around special occasions. When I look back, I want to remember the people, the experiences, the games we played, and the conversations we had. Because that’s what it’s about…not the food on which I binged.

6. I am a happy, healthy wife and mom. I am confident in the bedroom with my husband, and energetic at play with my children.

This pretty much sums up the more personal reasons I am making my health a priority this year. I have two really special and unique roles that NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD can do for me. I GET to be a wife and the sole sexual partner for my husband. There’s a lot of weight there, and I want him to get the best of me, not my leftovers. Same for my two beautiful daughters-they need to see happy, healthy, not-stressed-out mommy who is willing to put on a bathing suit or run through the park or have a fun dance party or let them crawl all over me or carry them around and play.

What are your health goals for this year?

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