Life and death are something I take pretty seriously. If you have been around me much at all, you know this. Since I, as a Biblical Counselor, took the time to not only watch the majority of the recent famed series, “13 Reasons Why”, but also shared my review of it here, I felt it was appropriate to have this follow-up post on what to do if you are considering ending your life.

So, if you are considering, or struggle with regular temptation to take your own life, here are some key steps to take:


Reach out to someone. Whether you pick up the phone and call a hotline (here are a few to consider). Text a friend or family member, mentor, or especially a Pastor, Minister, or Counselor who can help you with your struggle. If no one answers, KEEP REACHING OUT until someone does. Everyone else has a life too, and they may just be in the bathroom when you called. 😉


Yes, different than #1. Actually get in someone else’s presence. You need to be able to touch someone, look another human being in the eye and connect with them, maybe receive a hug, and become grounded in truth. Either have someone come to you or go to them. Do NOT stay alone.


This is your most important step! You need to look up and see your Creator in the face. You need to look for His goodness all around you.

Here’s what the Psalmist says when he was facing despair,

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13, NASB)

Reading God’s Word is a great place to start in “looking up”, as well as listening to music full of truth, praying with a friend, or even going for a brisk walk and talking with God.

Here are a few more suggestions for you…

Get the Scripture for When You Are Depressed.

Watch this video of a Success Call I did where we talked about Finding True Hope.

Lastly, I recommend you go try the ideas I shared in this post: “What do Do When You Are ‘In The Deep'”