I grew up performing. No, not on stage, though I did have a pretty awesome debut as a firefly in first grade during the Christmas program at school! Hopefully that video never makes it to the internet! 😉

What I’m referring to though, is performance in life. Performance to gain love, acceptance, for applause, and to find my value. Performance became my job. Ugh!

This has led me down a path of perfectionism and raising myself up as the standard to be “god” in my own little kingdom. While I would never say it and ultimately didn’t want to think that I believed it, I felt like I owed God something. I couldn’t be good enough or perfect, so I had to prove even more that I deserved His love and recognition.

Oi! We can never get his love and recognition on our own. We will never measure up. That’s why we needed Jesus.

Here’s what is true-God requires obedience from our hearts, not forced action, or the best performance. Nothing we can do, no physical action, is enough to win his love, grace, approval, or affirmation.

Stop trying. Let Him love you right where you are right now! Just obey.