My yoga pants had never actually been to yoga class. Do you relate? 😉 I always kind of wanted to, but never took the leap to walk into a class, and always thought it would be either A-way too hard, B-I wouldn’t fit in, C-way too boring.

Last month I won a giveaway on Facebook-an entire month of Free Yoga Class!!!! Perfect timing as I have been dealing with some health issues, unable to do any strenuous workouts, but a nice calm class like Yoga sounded perfect. TIme to test out my theories.

Here’s what I learned from my first Yoga Class at KCPT here in Warrenton:

  • I really stink at being still.
  • A 1 hour yoga class can wear me out just as much as a 25 min leg day workout #HolyShakingLegsBatman
  • All different shapes and sizes of people go to Yoga Class
  • There is WAY less judgment there than I thought. In fact, there was zero judgment and zero performance. Everyone is just there to show up and do their yoga-ing. Beautiful!
  • It wasn’t boring in the least–it was quite engaging.

What have you done lately for your health that was new or different? I’m finding that the more I try and the more I disrupt my normal patterns or rhythms the more I learn and grow. I encourage you to do something different this week!