Are you struggling to make progress?
Check these 3 Key Areas first:
Consumption-what is going inside of you? Obviously in order to reach our health goals we have to align our eating, water intake, and even make sure your supplements are clean, air is pure, etc. But, also consider what is going in your mind. Are you flooding your mindset with the right thinking, the motivation, encouragement, and affirmations to keep you focused? Have you surrounded yourself with people who believe in you and are supportive, helping encourage you towards that outcome?
Action-what are you doing to move your body? Weight loss, muscle building, and health change can be simple. We don’t need to overcomplicate the process-eat less (calories) than you expend in energy. Also consider t
he less physical side. Are you lining up lifestyle action to your greater health goals?
Rest-how often are you resting? Are you over-exercising as you strive for results? Good healthy rest is essential for your cellular regeneration, your body to shed weight, and for your body to restore itself as God intended.
On the spiritual side, are you resting in who you are in Christ spiritually through this process? Remember, your WORTH and ultimate value comes from HIM, not your jeans size, muffin top, or how much weight you can toss around!
Get these areas in check, and you’ll be much more satisfied and peaceful in your health!