Meet Marla

I believe that every woman can enjoy life and honor God at the same time!

Hey, there!

I’m Marla Stanley, and I help Christian women heal, thrive, and live their purpose.

I support women as they transform their lives from the inside out. Whether that is overcoming anxiety, depression, breaking free from negative thought patterns, kicking disordered eating, uprooting addiction, or learning to juggle ministry, business and daily stressors of mom-life all while actually pursuing your calling, I help women live their calling while keeping the main focus of getting closer to God.



Because having to spend $$$ on a new wardrobe when you love the clothes you have is no fun. But, feeling fit, thin & healthy from the core of who you are helps each of us exude the confidence God designed us for-His glory!


  • Do you want to find real lasting change?


  • How would it feel to be done with emotional eating, anxiety episodes, or the completely debilitating days of despair?


  • Do you dream of being able to just eat, drink and enjoy the company of family and friends instead of obsessing over the food around you?


  • What would it be like to exude confidence and not be stressed or discouraged every time you take action in your work?


I did, too!

That’s why I set out to create the HeartCore Freedom Formula™ so that I could help you lift the weight of trying to control food, diet, and exercise to get the results you desire.

The scale was showing me amazing results-8 lbs down in just 6 weeks (significant for my frame). However, months later, I felt empty. There had to be more to my health than just living on a regimen day in and day out. I turned to God’s Word for some answers, and found revolutionary truths that applied directly to my health! Truths that changed my heart first, and then affected my health journey.

I was leading groups of women through health programs at the time and found that so many of them were searching for these same real, lasting health changes. They wanted more than a diet, program, or structure to follow. It wasn’t just about checking off a box each day that you did your workout or whether or not you ate the right amount of veggies! I saw that many were struggling with emotional eating, disordered eating, binge eating, food obsession, and the like. Knowing I could help them, and that they weren’t getting the help they needed in my groups, HeartCore Freedom Formula™ was born.

Clients are raving over the Freedom they have found!


  • Being able to enjoy holidays and impromptu dinners at a friend’s house, truly connecting with the people and being present instead of stuck obsessing about food
  • Huge weight lifted from their shoulders to live in the freedom and grace God brings
  • Enjoying exercise and food as a gift instead of punishment
My own life has been further transformed as I have seen these women find success!

I am so encouraged every day as I am honored with a front-row seat to the change in their lives. What an amazing privilege to be a part of these women and their stories from bondage to freedom, seeing God break chains around their health-pursuits, and embracing freedom from their heart just like God intended them to have.

You don’t have to stay stuck, trapped, or in chains to diets any longer!


So what are you waiting for? Don’t push your heart’s desire for freedom aside.

It’s time to start living the abundant life God wired you for today.

Professional Bio

Marla is a Third-Culture Kid who grew up in a missionary family in South Korea. Always a fun-loving leader, she had a strong desire to leave a massive legacy and impact in the world, to change the face of a generation of women with the truth of God’s message of transformation, and to live out the high and holy calling to be a wife and mom at the same time.

Determined to succeed, she graduated from Boston Baptist College in 2008, earning a Bachelors of Sciences Degree in Biblical Studies with a double emphasis in Cross-Cultural Ministries and Biblical Counseling, and went on to complete her Biblical Counseling certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors afterwards.

After wrestling through the transition from professional to motherhood, and nearly giving up on her dream of being used by God to help other women find freedom, she opened her heart to the joy of business, and found her sweet spot amidst other female Christian entrepreneurs who were also fully committed to not only their family roles, but to their position in the marketplace.

There, she’s on a mission to help women realize their freedom and true identity in Christ and make a greater impact on the world and in the community around them by releasing the chains of health perfection and body image struggles.

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