Biblical Counseling

For the Christian woman who desires to honor God in every aspect of her life!

You are ready for change, and now is the time for freedom!

This unique program was designed for YOU, the Child of God who knows that God’s way is the best way to live, and there is a more abundant life than battling anxiety, depression, strained and broken relationships, or negativity for the rest of your life!
God DOES in fact have an amazing life and purpose for you, my friend! You were not designed for defeat, but VICTORY in Christ. You aren’t shaped for brokenness, but for beauty and wholeness, confidence, and a life characterized by grace and truth.

Let’s move forward today!

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*Your discovery call is a no-obligation conversation where you can share your story with me and we can explore whether my Biblical Counseling service is your solution.  

Are you ready to find freedom from past hurts?

Are you ready to break the cycle of negative thinking?

Are you ready to kick religious chains to the curb and embrace a true faith walk of grace?

Are you ready to claim your freedom in Christ?

Imagine what life would feel like if you could…

Understand why you do the things you do

Know your true identity in Christ

➡ Know how to renew your mind in God’s truth

Break free from old patterns of behavior

Be confident in your purpose and spiritual gifting

➡ Think about something other than the guilt you feel

Know exactly how to discern God’s Will for your life right now

Develop the skills you need to read and understand God’s Word for yourself

Have the tools you need to actually change!

It’s All possible with my One-on-One Biblical Counseling Program.

I’ll show you how!

Don’t Just Take My Word…

Counseling helped me immeasurably! Through the truth of God’s Word and under the direction of the Holy Spirit Marla showed me how to renew my mind by putting off the old nature and putting on life in the Spirit and how surrendering to the Father leads to true freedom! There is freedom in obedience and surrender because our God is trustworthy and sovereign.
I am no longer in bondage to my flesh and sin via food addiction and eating disorders and I am truly free like I haven’t been in years – maybe ever! Thank You, Lord, for Marla.”


Here’s the Vision God Gave Me for this Work:

I created this Biblical Counseling Program when I found that so many of the women I was working with were struggling with real tools to help them move forward. These ladies were looking for answers in the She Reads Truth devotional, or asked for feedback in a Facebook™ Group of Women of Faith, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. I’ve studied this for 14 years and have found the solution in God’s Word!

Here’s how using this service has positively impacted my own life: 

When I first began using these scriptural tools, I had no idea of the GOLD I had tapped into. Of course, God’s powerful word always yields a return in our life! I began to see God use this in my own life to transform old patterns of thinking, shift relationships, and even break my struggle with postpartum anxiety and depression in an incredible way.

It even translated into my friendships, my marriage, and my business ventures.

Where I used to feel total self-doubt, I found confidence in God. Where I struggled to see vision and goals, I gained clarity and can boast in the work God has set out for me to accomplish.

My Biblical Counseling Program can be your solution!

Here’s how it works: 3 Month Intensive Support Program

Personal InventoryAn initial Personal Inventory including background and brief questions about your concerns, to be completed prior to our first session, so that we can maximize on every moment of our calls.

1 Introductory SessionOne intro session (up to 90 minutes if needed) to dive into your Personal Inventory, set goals, and establish the direction of our time together. This Intro Session gives us a foundation for your sessions.

8 Private SessionsAfter your Introductory Session, you’ll receive eight 60-minute sessions over the course of 90 days. These sessions will be tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Growth ProjectsGrowth Projects customized for you and given after each of the 8 sessions with PDF study guides and personal applications for your unique situation.

Gifts & Goodies-I LOVE giving gifts, so I am eager to bless each client with the best resources that will help you during your coaching, this may include a journal, reading material, or any other fun and useful gifts I feel led to include to help keep you going in the right direction.

Additional Resources-You will get additional resources, including one of my courses or workshops, recommended reading, articles and/or videos that would be helpful in your journey.

The Two Main Things You Can Expect 


1. Encouragement towards Christ-likeness: 

I will celebrate and encourage you in your spiritual success, and exhort you to think and act in a way that honors God.

 2. Practical skills for spiritual growth and development: 

I will equip you and teach you how to handle your situation using God’s Word and strategies that apply to your unique circumstances.

Here’s how your life and spiritual growth will look radically different after we work together:

  • Begin to make decisions in alignment with God’s Word
  • Learn to see yourself as God views you
  • Begin to break chains and find freedom based in your God-given identity
  • Finally forgive and move on from past hurts and struggles
  • Learn to use God’s Word as your compass when making decisions that shape the course of your life
  • Begin to understand and use God’s Word for change in your life

Are you ready to experience this incredible transformation?


Limited Individual Sessions Available.

Got Questions?

Here are a few common questions that clients have asked about the program, along with my responses. If you have additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to email me at counseling@marlastanley.com

What is the difference between a Christian Counselor and a Biblical Counselor?
Christian Counseling:  blends psychology and faith practices to offer emotional and mental support to those seeking a counselor who understands and integrates their specific Christian faith in the counseling process.

Biblical Counseling: a form of Christian counseling that approaches emotional and mental health from the perspective of Scripture, standing firmly on God’s wisdom over man’s wisdom, and encouraging the counselee to grow into the image of Jesus Christ.

As a Biblical Counselor, my goal is to point you directly toward God’s wisdom for whatever life situation you may be struggling with.  I use my background as a certified Biblical counselor combined with a decade of experience in working with clients to help bring healing and restoration in a Christ-centered way.

What is Your Philosophy of Biblical Counseling?
  • I personally believe that healing and health on every level is incomplete without the truth of God’s word and the healing power of the Holy Spirit at work in a believer’s life. Nothing compares to the transformation we experience at the innermost level when we approach God’s Word as our main tool to solve life’s problems.
  • The goals of biblical counseling are to help the counselee become the kind of person God desires them to be, and to use the circumstances of the counselee’s life as a starting point to teach them “how to think and act in a way that would please the Lord Jesus Christ.”[1]  Colossians 1:28 states, “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” God’s desire for the believer (and truly for every man) is that they can be presented to Him being perfect through the redemption of Christ.  Galatians 1:10 questions, “For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ.” The biblical counselor’s goal is for the counselee to ask, considering my actions, thoughts, and motives, am I pleasing God or man?  1 Corinthians 10:31 should be the believer’s anthem in life, “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” The goal of biblical counseling is for counselee’s to clearly see a vision of the person God desires them to be, and to begin to change within their current presenting circumstance.

    [1] Page 3, NANC On The Road Training Notes, Origin & Purpose of BC, Rev.2

What is Your Background & Training?
  • Trained Biblical Counselor
  • B.S. in Biblical Studies with a Double Minor in Biblical Counseling & Cross-Cultural Ministries, May 2008
  • 10 years experience helping dozens of clients find life-changing freedom as a Spiritual Counselor  
  • Association of Certified Biblical Counselors certified, March 2012

Do you believe in psychology?
I heard Marilyn Meberg put it best-”psychology reveals and Jesus heals!”

Psychology is the study of the way that we think, which is helpful to understand, but limited in its ability to offer us peace and hope. However, we know that God’s Word grants us all the wisdom we need for this life and the pursuit of godliness. He is our ultimate Counselor and Healer!

What Is Your Specialty Area?
I specialize in women’s issues and have worked with clients on a variety of topics. For example: relationships, anxiety, boundaries, same-sex attraction, eating disorder, discerning God’s Will, abuse, anger, career, depression, dating/engagement, discipleship, fear, trauma, illness, roles, marriage, self-worth, intimacy, sexual purity, trust, etc.

What About Privacy?
Everything we discuss will be held in strict confidence according to the Biblical Counseling Consent form you will receive before your sessions begin.

How are my sessions delivered to me?
All counseling sessions are currently offered online via Skype or Zoom Conference Calls.

If you are seeking a Biblical Counselor to meet in person, please begin by looking here: ACBC-Biblical Counseling

Do You Offer Couples' Marriage Counseling?
No, at this time I do not offer couples’ marriage counseling.

What All Is Expected of Me?
I expect your honesty. It is incredibly difficult (nearly impossible) to help you if you are not 100% honest with me.

Do your growth projects. I only assign projects, reading and action steps that I truly believe will produce biblical change and that will benefit you.

This sounds like a lot. How do I know that this won’t totally overwhelm me?
Counseling can feel totally overwhelming at first, because the problems in life are truly so consuming. This is when we need the most support! I will help you move forward at your pace. I do encourage clients to eliminate distractions and other new or daunting commitments during the course of the program so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Why Do You Offer Programs & Not Just Sessions?
My desire is to serve and support people the best I can, and while a single session can be helpful, it is usually just enough time to scratch the surface. The majority of my clients benefit most from a series of sessions over a period of time, giving us the opportunity to truly address everything they are facing in their life with time for implementation of spiritual growth projects and tools. This allows me to offer a high-value counseling service that gives you the full support that you need.

Do You Provide Single Sessions?
Yes. Single sessions are provided on a first-come, first-served basis at the rate of $250 for a 1 hour time slot (which includes suggested Growth Projects and resources for application), or $149 for a mini-session of 40 minutes. Mini-sessions do not include projects or resources.

Do You Offer Refunds?
No. This program requires a full commitment, from both me as the counselor and you as the client. When a client knows that a refund is possible, it’s all too easy for her to have a “one foot in” the process and “one foot out” the door in case it “doesn’t work.” If you think that this program might not work for you, it absolutely won’t. You have to believe that this program has the potential to truly give you the results you desire, or you shouldn’t make the investment. When you go into something knowing you have an “out”, it’s unlikely you will give it your all. My desire is that each client prayerfully considers this investment BEFORE committing to the program. Once you have paid your deposit and signed your contract, you are wholeheartedly committed and no refunds will be offered.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Yes! Every counseling program has the option of a payment plan.

Do You Participate With Health Insurance?
MRS Heart, LLC is not affiliated with any insurance groups and does not participate with health insurance. If you are seeking a counselor who is accepted by your insurance, please contact your insurance provider.

I feel that my faith and trust in God has grown significantly, resulting in being able to better control my anxiety. She provided great projects, techniques and scripture to help me get through my tough times. By the end of our sessions, I was so glad I had committed to doing this because I feel more confident and in control of my feelings, as well as closer to God.