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“Before counseling, I realized I had a distant relationship with God.  I knew all the “Sunday school” answers; yet, I did not know how they personally related to me.  Marla not only walked me through what it means to be a child of God, but she also helped me actively pursue a better relationship with the Lord.  She assigned homework that eventually turned into a habit of studying the Bible more regularly than I had ever done.  I have Marla and those counseling sessions to thank for my steady growth in a relationship with God.”


“I sought out Marla as my wife and I approached our 10th anniversary because of her emphasis on Biblical Counseling. In our 13 years together now, we’ve used couples counseling to strengthen and reaffirm our relationship three times, with this latest time being the most successful. When we began working with Marla, communication over money and the state of my self-started business improved significantly. I give our counseling with Marla credit for helping us experience the best two years of our marriage so far. I highly recommend her.”


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