90 Day HeartCore Freedom Formula

For the passionate Christian woman who desires freedom in health and fitness so that she can honor God with her whole being!

This unique program was designed with YOU in mind, the woman of faith who knows that there is so much more for you than yo-yo dieting, binge-eating, struggling with your self-image every time you look in the mirror, and battling food addiction.

God DOES have more for you, beautiful! Your Creator didn’t design you in all your intricately gorgeous and awesomely quirky ways so that you could live in defeat and frustration. You weren’t made for a diet, fitness challenge, or being a slave to a scale and measuring tape. I know, you’re probably feeling a bit anxious and clutching that measuring tape right now thinking I’m going to tell you to throw it away. Just relax, I’m not. Nor will I tell you to ditch your scale. You’re gonna need it to weigh your suitcase before your next big trip, remember 😉

BUT, I am going to tell you that there is more. SO much more, my friend! Want to know a secret? You CAN honor God with your health and fitness, and ENJOY your life in the process. You can ditch the weight, eat in a way that nourishes your body, train for that marathon, triathlon, or fitness competition AND bask in the goodness of God at the same time.

Let’s move forward today!

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Are you ready to find freedom from food obsession?

Are you ready to break the cycle of emotional eating?

Are you ready to kick self-image issues to the curb so that the mirror isn’t taunting you every single time you walk by?

Are you ready to claim your freedom in Christ?

Think about what it would look like to…

➡No longer be in bondage to food addiction!

➡Be able to eat with friends and actually enjoy their company!

➡Know how to renew your mind in God’s truth

➡Train & exercise without punishing yourself for the food you just ate

➡Think about something other than your next meal.

➡Strengthen your relationship with God.

➡Truly be free like you haven’t been in years

➡Stop emotional eating and binging cycles.

➡Quit going crazy every time your weight changes.

➡Confidently look in the mirror!

➡Know your self-worth.

➡Identify yourself by something other than a number on the scale, or how your clothes fit

➡Be mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy and balanced!

It’s All possible with the HeartCore Freedom Formula™

Don’t Just Take My Word…

Counseling helped me immeasurably! Through the truth of God’s Word and under the direction of the Holy Spirit Marla showed me how to renew my mind by putting off the old nature and putting on life in the Spirit and how surrendering to the Father leads to true freedom! There is freedom in obedience and surrender because our God is trustworthy and sovereign.
I am no longer in bondage to my flesh and sin via food addiction and eating disorders and I am truly free like I haven’t been in years – maybe ever! Thank You, Lord, for Marla.”


Here’s the Vision God Gave Me for this Work:

When I realized that so many Christian women were struggling with addictive eating, eating disorders, sugar addiction, emotional eating, body image issues, food anxiety, and yo-yo dieting, I knew that I needed to help them. These women would try to look for answers in Women’s Health or ask for feedback in message boards and even my own Health & Fitness Challenge Groups, but they weren’t really getting the individualized, heart-centered attention they needed.

I knew that I had the answers, and I could take the Biblical Counseling training that I had and breathe life back into them, their faith, and their health. It all started for me back in the 9th grade when I and some friends suspected that a girlfriend was struggling with an eating disorder. It was my chosen topic for a writing assignment, so I was keenly aware of the signs, symptoms, and treatments available. Now, after studying this problem for more than a decade, and having witnessed friends and acquaintances face eating disorders, weight loss struggles, and even working through my own hang-ups surrounding food, diet, and exercise, I am confident that I have found the solution!

4 years ago I began my first ever fitness + nutrition program, and in just 6 weeks I had reached my goal weight and felt like a new person. Because I had such stunning results, I quickly found myself coaching and helping others get the amazing results I had experienced. As much as I loved this type of coaching and serving women in the context of a group setting, we could only go so deep. The more I served, the more I discovered the depths of how God’s truth applies to each of us in our health, fitness, eating issues, and whole life transformation. His Word has answers for these situations, and can bring you incredible healing and freedom!

Before discovering this life-changing truth, I was like you. I turned to diets, exercise, support groups, books, shakes, and even a business to help me find freedom from my weight, sugar addiction, discouragement, depression, and emotional eating. While my goal in pursuing those tools started out genuine–to fuel my body and not my cravings–at some point, I lost my focus. I started getting great results with these tools, and I loved how I felt. While the results were energizing, I was still empty and striving for more. With a background in ministry and a college degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical Counseling, I knew that God had something to say about my health.

I began searching His Word for the guiding truths and quickly found freedom, relief, a fresh self-worth; not based in my shape, but founded in the stewardship of my body, mind, and spirit. In my research, I also found a framework for health that I call my HeartCore Health Method™ This idea granted me a new purpose for my health and a way to honor my Creator through exercise and nutrition, rest and a healthy lifestyle. My HeartCore Health Method™ is the foundation for Biblical health change, and you can learn how to make it work for you in my HeartCore Freedom Formula™

My HeartCore Freedom Formula™ can be your solution!

Here’s how it works:

Personal Inventory – An initial Personal Inventory including background and brief health survey, to be completed prior to our first session, so that we can maximize on every moment of our calls.


1 Introductory Session-One 45-minute session to dive into your Personal Inventory, set goals, and establish the direction of our time together. This Intro Session gives us a foundation for your sessions.


8 Private Sessions-After your Introductory Session, you’ll receive eight 60-minute sessions over the course of 90 days. These sessions will be tailored to your specific goals and needs.


Growth Projects-Growth Projects customized for you and given after each of the 8 sessions with PDF study guides and personal applications for your unique situation.

Gifts & Goodies-I LOVE giving gifts, so I am eager to bless each client with the best resources that will help you during your coaching, including a journal, reading material, and any other fun gifts to help get you going in the right direction.

Additional Resources-You will get additional resources, including recommended reading, articles and/or videos that would be helpful in your journey.

Private E-mail Access– Often questions and concerns come up that just can’t wait until our next session. You never have to worry about getting an answer! You’ll have email access to gain clarity or ask any questions with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Plus, receive these special bonuses: 


 1. Personalized Directive Affirmation Audio Recording

 2. Personalized Directive Affirmation Transcript

 3. Directive Affirmation Formula Training Recording (Video)

 4. Directive Affirmation Practical Application Guide (PDF)

Here’s how your life and health will look radically different after we work together:


  • Enjoy a meal with family and friends and be fully present and engaged with them!
  • Exercise in a way that you KNOW honors God!
  • Live your purpose-filled life!
  • Savor a rich relationship with God
  • Have a healthy relationship with food, drink, and exercise.
  • No more emotional eating
  • No more binging, purging, or starving.
  • Joy and confidence when you look in the mirror
  • An unchanging self-worth
  • Be done with diets, shakes, pills, wraps, and weight-loss programs for life!
  • Bask in a healthy lifestyle that honors God

Are you ready to experience this transformation?

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Got Questions?

Here are a few common questions that clients have asked about the program, along with my responses. If you have additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to email me at counseling@marlastanley.com

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Every coaching program has the option of a payment plan.


How do we meet?

All of our sessions will be live online via Zoom Conference Call.


Do you have professional training or certifications?

Yes! I have a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies focusing on Cross-Cultural Ministries and Biblical Counseling. I also hold a Biblical Counseling Certification from ACBC since 2012. I invest continually in my own personal and professional development so that I can coach you in the best way possible.


Do you offer refunds?

No. This program requires a full commitment, from both me as the coach and you as the client. When a client knows that a refund is possible, it’s all too easy for her to have a “one foot in” the process and “one foot out” the door in case it “doesn’t work.” If you think that this program might not work for you, it absolutely won’t. You have to believe that this program has the potential to truly give you the results you desire, or you shouldn’t make the investment. When you go into something knowing you have an “out”, it’s unlikely you will give it your all. My desire is that each client prayerfully considers this investment BEFORE committing to the program. Once you have paid your deposit and signed your contract, you are wholeheartedly committed and no refunds will be offered.

“I enjoy how creative Marla Stanley is at finding multiple ways to motivate and touch people. She leads by example and has developed a “whole person concept” in her approach to reaching her clients. Body, Mind and Spirit are all things that make up us all. Grateful for the daily challenges she put forward to keep us engaged. It is obvious she is passionate about what she does. ”


Your freedom in health is just 90 days away!

Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!

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